Body Aches, Joint Pain, Nausea, Vomiting, Sore Throat Are The Symptoms Of Corona?

For the past few days I have felt body aches and joints and my body feels hot and cold but my body temperature is normal, a little nauseous because I have magh and throat pain and a little tightness in my chest, not coughing and not hoarse. Can it be a symptom of covid when nobody is covided in the environment?

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I understand your concern, let alone the epidemic of this corona virus, every complaint mostly associates this with the virus. if you have just stayed home or have done the rules ordered by the government in preventing corona virus, you do not need to panic but be cautious by maintaining endurance and staying alone.

complaints that you experience could be due to increased stomach acid or caused by symptoms of the common cold or could be caused by a disorder of your mind called psychosomatic. sebanrnya to ensure the cause of your discomfort this needs to be done directly to the doctor, but if the symptoms are not severe you can overcome them at home by doing a few things including:

 how to consume enough water you can take antacids which are sold freely according to the dose you can also take paracetamol to overcome the pain you feel but after eating yes avoid spicy, acidic and high-fat foods avoid caffeine alkhol and cigarette foods regularly , a little but often avoid stress you can do yoga or meditation, but if you have done the above tips and symptoms do not improve and get worse such as high fever and shortness of breath immediately to the doctor or to the hospital for an immediate examination. to get the right handlers.

keep doing social distancing

Thus the info I can give

thank you

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