Body Fever Accompanied By Sweat?

Illustration of Body Fever Accompanied By Sweat?
Illustration: Body Fever Accompanied By Sweat?

hello good evening I want to ask, I just had a fever day, now I live in Malang, poor including the corona red zone. I have a fever just a day, there are no symptoms of cough, runny nose or shortness of breath, I also have no complaints of joint pain, besides my fever is fine, but many of my friends are afraid of me getting corona, my personal health problems have isolated myself, drinking vitamins and avoid contact with others. when this fever I keep sweating, what I’m asking about my health condition, please explain

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Hello Ayu, thank you for asking at

I will try to help answer.

Fever is a condition where the condition of the body increases beyond 38oC. Fever occurs because the body is experiencing an infection, side effects from vaccines, or other conditions (such as excessive activity, exercise).

If the body has a fever, other symptoms generally occur such as headaches, sweating, chills, weakness, decreased appetite.

The corona virus or covid-19 that is currently plaguing, there are some common symptoms such as:

- fever

- cough

- Out of breath

History of travel to areas that have experienced corona virus outbreaks or made contact with people infected with corona virus. It should be noted about the history of traveling and contact with others, this can distinguish from other diseases, although to ensure it still needs to be done a physical examination and additional investigations such as blood tests and throat swaps.

For now there is no need to worry, but stay alert if complaints such as high fever, coughing, shortness of breath are taken immediately to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

Some things to do at home:

Avoid traveling outside the house
Avoid making contact with other people for a while
Use a mask when leaving the house
Use a mouth cover if you sneeze or cough
Eat healthy and nutritious foods, as well as vitamins

Thus a brief explanation from me, hopefully can help. thanks.

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