Body Heat, Dizziness And No Taste In The Mouth

Illustration of Body Heat, Dizziness And No Taste In The Mouth
Illustration: Body Heat, Dizziness And No Taste In The Mouth

Excuse me, I’ve had 3 days of body heat and dizziness and my mouth doesn’t feel like eating anything either. I checked into the doctor given a kind of medicine, but the heat is a bit down but it’s still dizzy. The doctor said yesterday if the heat does not go down 3 days I have to check my blood … I’m afraid … Maybe the doctor can help answer the truth about what disease I am experiencing, thank you

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There are complaints of body heat, dizziness, and mouthless taste that you have felt in about 3 days, and it has not improved even though you have received treatment from a doctor, so you should continue your doctor's plan to conduct further blood tests to determine your possible pain. Complaints that you feel, in general are general complaints that can be caused by various other medical conditions, so the complaints you feel are not specific to the condition of certain diseases, therefore, your doctor recommends continuing blood tests.

In general, the presence of fever, dizziness that does not improve within 3 days of treatment can be caused by the possibility of typhus symptoms that are still mild. Typhus is usually accompanied by complaints of fever that fluctuates, or stomach discomfort, nausea, chills, or body aches all. Complaints of soft bowel movements or nausea / vomiting can also accompany patients with suspected typhus. However, indeed, to ascertain the cause of this complaint requires further examination one of which is a blood test.

The fever complaints that you have not improved yet, may also be influenced by several things, such as:

You are still active
Drinking water and nutritious food intake is still not optimal, because you may not have an appetite or often eat late
You often sleep late
You don't take medicine regularly

So that the crew presumably you control some of the conditions above in order to help restore your health condition.

Apart from the possibility due to typhus, several other conditions can also provide similar complaints, such as:

Digestive infections
Sore throat
Dengue fever
Urinary tract infection

Because your doctor recommends for control, then you should return control to your doctor as planned. This will assist the doctor in evaluating the possible main causes of this complaint. If a blood test needs to be done, your doctor will provide a laboratory introduction for you to help determine the diagnosis. The results of the examination will be a reference for the doctor in providing care and treatment for you. So that your condition will soon improve and recover soon.

For now, during treatment and treatment, you should remain at home until healed. Pay attention to your intake of healthy food and enough sleep to help increase your endurance.

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