Body Heat In, Stiff And Swollen In Diabetics?

Illustration of Body Heat In, Stiff And Swollen In Diabetics?
Illustration: Body Heat In, Stiff And Swollen In Diabetics?

My doctor would like to ask … Why do diabetics often feel hot and stiff body and swelling in certain body?

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Diabetics who are not treated properly and last long can cause various complications because the nerves throughout the body are damaged. Nerve damage that occurs can occur in any part of the body, such as the digestive system, urinary tract, blood vessels, and heart.

Complications of diabetes include:

- Heart disease

- Diabetic neuropathy. Patients will feel tingling, cramps, or pain in the legs and feet. Then over time the part will go numb.

- visual impairment

- Hearing disorders

- stroke

- Chronic kidney failure

- and others..

Here are things you can do at home to help resolve complaints: maintain ideal body weight, control your sugar levels regularly, exercise regularly, increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, protein from grains, and low-calorie and fat foods, avoid cigarettes, avoid alcoholic beverages, use comfortable footwear, and get enough rest.

If your complaint does not improve, then you should do a re-examination with a doctor. The doctor will then conduct a brief interview, physical examination and additional examinations (supporting examinations) if needed.

The following article you can read more: swollen-and-how-easy-cope

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