Body Shivering When It Rains Or Take A Shower?

Illustration of Body Shivering When It Rains Or Take A Shower?
Illustration: Body Shivering When It Rains Or Take A Shower?

night. why yes my body when it rains or when bathing the water is not warm my body always shivers. and shivering was excessive, for example on the streets when coming home from work and when the rainy weather driving the motorbike until the steering wheel of the motor shook violently. the condition is already wearing a raincoat. is this a symptom of an illness? and how to get rid of the chills. thanks.

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Hello Helen,

Thank you for asking

When the body comes into contact with cold temperatures, both water and cold air, body temperature can go down. To compensate for this decrease in body temperature, the brain will order muscles to contract faster so that there arises shivers. Shivering is an important function to increase body heat production, so that the body temperature that had dropped to normal again.

Indeed, chills can make you feel uncomfortable. However, if this condition only takes place temporarily and improves by itself after the cold temperature exposure is eliminated, this is generally not dangerous, and also does not require special treatment. You can check yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine if you find your body shivering for no apparent reason. Because, apart from exposure to cold temperatures, chills can also indicate that you are experiencing a viral or bacterial infection, hyperthyroidism, kidney or bladder disorders, hypoglycemia, malnutrition, mental disorders (for example when afraid, panic, or excessive anxiety), drug side effects, etc. Usually, chills due to abnormal causes like this will continue to appear even though you have avoided cold temperatures.

As a first step, you can do the following suggestions:

Always wear comfortable and warm clothing, especially when traveling to cold areas
If necessary, also apply warm oil on your body when the ambient temperature is cold
Take a shower with room or warm water
Limit outdoors at night or early morning when temperatures are cold
Drink enough and eat regularly
Exercise regularly
Calm your mind, don't be afraid, worry, or panic too much
Do not carelessly consume drugs, especially drugs

Hope this helps ...

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