Body Temperature Below 36 Degrees Celsius

Illustration of Body Temperature Below 36 Degrees Celsius
Illustration: Body Temperature Below 36 Degrees Celsius

I am 21 years old today I check my body temperature 35.8 degrees why is that? pdhl normal adult temperatures are usually above 36 … thanks

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The human body has a body temperature regulation system called a thermoregulator. In general, energy, activities, changes in environmental temperature, health conditions of the body, psychological conditions, and human hormonal systems affect changes in human temperature. In general, normal human body temperature ranges from 36.1 degrees celsius to 37.2 degrees celsius. During the temperature range, the human body temperature is said to be normal.

The measured body temperature has a standard body temperature inspection procedure, where this standard body temperature check will help prevent technical errors from the results of the body temperature examination carried out, so that the examination carried out has clinical significance and does not have a significant difference to the examination of body temperature using any device that is recommended and has a good tool calibration.

The use of a thermometer can use various forms of measuring instruments, such as the reactor water thermometer, digital thermometer or infrared thermometer, because the mercury thermometer is no longer allowed to use because it contains the reaction water, then you can use the second thermometer. You can carry out the following body temperature checking procedures:

Examination of human body temperature, usually done by examining the surface temperature of the body, mouth, rectum or in the armpits. Measurement of body temperature through the mouth will tend to be higher than examination in the armpits, while examination of body temperature in the rectum will be higher than examination of the mouth or oral.
The temperature check depends on the type of thermometer and also the place of inspection
In ordinary people, checks are generally carried out in the armpits or on the forehead of the head
For underarm examination, you can use a digital thermometer, while for the forehead, you can use a thermogun
To check the temperature in your armpit, position your body as comfortable as possible so that you are more relaxed and your body temperature has adjusted to the surrounding environment. You can place the tip of the thermometer right in the middle of the clay of your armpit, set aside all cloth or other objects that might affect the examination. Wait for some time until the beep sounds, so you can see the results of the inspection. Repeat the check again to confirm the results are consistent. Clean with soap and water or with alcohol on the tip and body of the thermometer after use
For thermogun examination on the forehead, you can also sit relaxed so your body can adjust to the temperature of the environment around you. Clean the surface of your forehead. Press the on button on the thermometer and fire infrared on the forehead area to be measured. Wait a few moments for the results. Do it again to confirm the results are consistent. Clean and store the appliance.

By following the inspection procedure, the technical inspection error can be avoided. And if you use a different thermometer, it will give the same results or if you have a different temperature difference that is not significant.

So if you currently have a good examination procedure, but the results of your examination show your body temperature is 35.8 degrees celsius, then a temperature difference of about 0.2 degrees celsius to normal temperature can still be tolerated, especially if you have no complaints of illness or health complaints that you feel.

However, even if your temperature is below 36 degrees, some of the conditions below can affect it, such as:

Cold temperatures
You do the inspection after bathing
You do an inspection in an air-conditioned room
You are dehydrated
Drug side effects
Thyroid disorders
Severe infection or sepsis

If at this time you do not feel comorbid complaints, but your body temperature is low, then you can increase energy by consuming foods with balanced nutrition and adequate water needs and adequate rest.

If you are still worried, you can do an examination directly to your doctor. But for now, you can simply evaluate and add energy intake to your body.

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