Boils On The Nose Have Not Yet Healed?

Illustration of Boils On The Nose Have Not Yet Healed?
Illustration: Boils On The Nose Have Not Yet Healed?

Hello …. I want to ask why the boils in my nose do not heal … Even though I have already bought drugs or ointment … but I have not recovered yet..Makasi ya … bls yes.

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Hello Maenk,

Is it confirmed that what you experience is a boil? How many days has it been on the boil and on the outside or inside nose? Boils are bacterial infections of the skin that cause inflammation of the hair follicles. Boils cause complaints of bumps on the skin that are reddish, feel warmer, ache, and will later appear white dots in the middle of pus.

Generally boils will improve on their own within a few days to 1 week, sometimes more if large boils, there are 2 boils close together, or infections that occur deeper. If boils are on the outside of the nose, you can do a warm compress several times a day. Avoid squeezing boils and ila boils are already broken, immediately clean with clean water and anti-bacterial soap then consult a doctor to get further treatment.

If the boil is more than 1 week, or the boil is located inside the nose, I suggest that you consult a doctor directly so that it can be examined and given more optimal treatment. Some treatment of boils that can be given by doctors include antibiotics and drainage of ulcers.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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