Bouncy On Baby’s Scalp?

Illustration of Bouncy On Baby’s Scalp?
Illustration: Bouncy On Baby’s Scalp?

Tonight docI want to ask, my son bru 10 days old, on his scalp out like bouncy white, that’s why yes … Thank you

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Hello Nurul Utary, thank you for asking.

In newborns, skin disorders often occur. This is because the baby's skin is not fully developed, so it is still easy to experience irritation or infection. White spots such as rice that come out on the scalp and face, are common in newborns. Chances are this is baby acne or maybe milia.

Baby acne looks like pimples, white or red spots, on the scalp, forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck. That is because the effects of maternal hormones that are still circulating in the baby's blood circulation. The condition is harmless and can improve in a few weeks or months.

Milia looks similar to baby acne, but generally looks whiter like rice grains. Milia is not dangerous and can heal itself. The condition is caused by clogged sweat glands.

There is no specific drug to eliminate baby acne and milia. You just need to keep the baby's skin clean by bathing twice a day. Use special baby soap, to taste, or if necessary bathe the baby with water only, because basically the baby's skin is not as dirty as adult skin. Some people might try applying olive oil to the location of the spots. But don't apply oil too thick, just thin enough.

Other possibilities that cause spots on the baby's skin are dermatitis and infection. In this condition the baby's skin can appear dry and peeling, reddish, or even oily and pus appears bump. Generally, babies will be fussy, maybe even fever. If this happens, please consult with your pediatrician. The doctor will provide safe therapy for newborns.

Thus information from me, hopefully useful. Regards.

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