Bouncy Rash Appears, Which Then Ruptures, Widens And Dries On The Child’s Body

Illustration of Bouncy Rash Appears, Which Then Ruptures, Widens And Dries On The Child’s Body
Illustration: Bouncy Rash Appears, Which Then Ruptures, Widens And Dries On The Child’s Body

Good night, my twins arise bouncy, broken and then partly widened, some only broke and dried on the back, genitals, face, back of hands, knees and upper soles. What is chicken pox, but only fever on the first day. And it arises unevenly, and not long for only one week and is now cured. thanks.

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Hello Sparrow,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of a bouncy rash, which then ruptures, widens, then dries in the back, pubic area, face, back of hands, knees, as well as the sole of the upper leg in children can indeed be caused by chickenpox (varicella). This disease occurs due to Varicella zoster virus infection which can be transmitted very easily, namely through inhalation of airway mucus splashes, or also direct and indirect contact with rashes on the skin. Not only bouncy rash, chicken pox also often makes children experience itching, mild fever, easy glare, fatigue, and decreased appetite due to this disease.

In addition to chickenpox, many other conditions can also trigger complaints similar to those of your child at this time, for example Singapore flu, prickly heat, scabies, atopic dermatitis, herpetiformis dermatitis, allergic or irritant contact dermatitis, impetigo, burns, and etc. Fever that occurs on the first day of illness may indicate complaints related to infection or inflammation. However, this alone is not specifically referring to the symptoms of certain diseases.

If it's true that your child's complaints are cured now, then you shouldn't worry. Often this condition is not dangerous and can improve by itself with excellent endurance and good personal hygiene. Independently, you can do the following measures so that your child's complaints don't recur:

Teach your child to take a clean bath regularly, use soap that is suitable for your child's skin type, rinse with clean water, wear towels and clothes that are clean and made from soft
Teach children not to exchange personal items (such as toiletries, towels, clothes) with anyone, including their own twin siblings
Ask the child not to scratch, squeeze, or exfoliate the bouncy area of ​​the skin
Keep children away from allergens and skin irritants
Keep the environment around the child always clean
Do not carelessly give children drugs, ointments, powder, or other ingredients to overcome their complaints, without first consulting a doctor

If the complaint returns, you can check your child again to the doctor, dermatologist, or pediatrician to be treated further according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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