Bouncy Skin Red And Hot

Illustration of Bouncy Skin Red And Hot
Illustration: Bouncy Skin Red And Hot

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Skin rashes or changes in the form of reddish spots, nodules, or blisters can occur due to irritation or inflammation of the lining of the skin. Sensations that appear are very diverse ranging from itching, sensations such as burning or heat, and mild pain. In adults, a rash that arises can be caused by the following conditions:

Shingles: or smallpox due to a viral infection, with symptoms of burning, heat, itching or tingling in the rash area. Usually appears on one side of the body and has a pattern that looks in line. In addition, the rash is followed by a red nodule that is filled with fluid.
Simplex hepers: infections that are transmitted through sexual contact and usually appear in the mouth area (oral sex), or groin area, in the form of blisters that break easily.
Contact dermatitis: appearance of skin inflammation due to exposure to certain substances that can trigger allergies or substances that trigger irritation. The rash has a rough texture and itching to the touch. Can be accompanied by water bubbles or even pus fluid. Generally appear a few minutes or hours after exposure to irritants or allergens.
Ringworm: is a fungal infection of the skin, can be in the groin, nails, body skin and scalp. Usually it feels very itchy, and has a scaly texture.

To ascertain which condition you are experiencing, of course you need to consult directly with your doctor, because without a direct examination it is impossible to establish a diagnosis of an illness. all you have to do at home is to keep your body and skin clean and never try to scratch hard the surface of the rash. Avoid using towels or personal belongings with other family members. And when you check yourself, try to maintain vigilance against corona infections by doing social distancing, washing your hands as often as possible, not touching the face, nose and mouth and using a mask when outside the home. So that we can convey, hopefully help.

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