Bowel Intussusception In Children Aged 10 Years?

Illustration of Bowel Intussusception In Children Aged 10 Years?
Illustration: Bowel Intussusception In Children Aged 10 Years?

, to cope with children whose diagnosis of intestinal obstruction should be given treatment or surgery? Please explain.

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Bowel obstruction can be caused by a variety of possibilities. The severity of intestinal obstruction can also vary from those who only experience partial obstruction to those who experience total obstruction. If the intestinal obstruction is only partial, the symptoms that appear are not severe, or are only caused by fecal impaction, the possibility of treatment using laxatives alone is enough to get rid of the obstruction. Or if the obstruction is not caused by mechanical causes or is called an ileus (for example due to drug side effects, intestinal infections, electrolyte disorders, hypothyroidism, etc.), then treatment for obstruction can be done by treating the cause of the ileus.

However, if the obstruction is total obstruction, the symptoms are quite severe (for example, until you experience vomiting, the stomach is very bloated and hard, fever, extreme pain, there are signs of dehydration, etc.), or if obstruction caused by mechanical things such as volvulus, intussusception, tumors, hernias, etc., then the therapy to be recommended is surgery.

It is best to discuss it directly with the pediatrician who is examining your child directly who clearly knows the condition of your child's intestinal obstruction. Only doctors who check directly can provide the best treatment advice for your child. If indeed you doubt the advice of your doctor, you can take your child to another pediatrician to ask for a second opinion. However, if indeed the symptoms experienced by your child are quite severe (as mentioned above), you should be treated immediately (surgery).

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