Illustration of Braces?
Illustration: Braces?

Hello, I plan to put braces, but just a small fit my right canine tooth is pulled out, can my teeth be tidy if I wear braces?

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If as a child, you extracted canines when they were baby teeth (canine teeth normally begin to shake at 9-11 years of age), of course the teeth will be replaced by adult teeth and the arrangement of your teeth will be no different from the teeth of most people. If the canines that are extracted are adult teeth (after the age of 11 years), the teeth cannot grow back and can leave gaps in the alignment of the teeth. Braces can prevent and treat problems that may arise as a result of tooth extraction. Braces can be used to close the gaps created by extracted teeth. Braces can also be used if you want to use the denture by maintaining or even enlarging the resulting gap, leaving enough space for the implant or bridge to be placed. The braces can be adjusted so that other teeth do not close the gap. Braces can help patients who have lost their teeth to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Of course, before braces are placed, the dentist will check the condition of the teeth first. Consult more about this plan at your general dentist or orthodontist specialist.

That's my explanation. I hope this helps.


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