Brain Damage From Boxing?

Illustration of Brain Damage From Boxing?
Illustration: Brain Damage From Boxing? Bing

.. I’m a 19 year old student, recently I have been pursuing a new sport, namely amateur boxing, through this sport my body is getting stronger and fitter. wrote that boxing is very dangerous for the brain because a very hard impact from a direct punch vibrates the brain and causes various diseases such as Parkinson’s, CTE, dementia etc. rnMy question is, can boxing still be safe for me if I don’t do excessive sparring and competition? ??rnAnd how long does the brain damage resulting from boxing take??rnThank you again for your concern.

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Hello Bruce

Thank you for asking

Boxing is a type of sport that is most in demand by many people, especially men because this sport is fun and challenging.

Each sport has its own risks, depending on how one lives it.

Boxing is indeed very beneficial for the body, namely increasing stamina and building hand muscles and others, but if it is done by sparring (by means of violence) it can cause damage to the brain.

Brain damage occurs due to blows that attack the head continuously, causing changes in brain fluids and damage to the nerves in the head such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia.

There are several impacts that can occur from boxing if you do it excessively:

Injury or trauma
Can increase a sense of aggression and can get used to acts of violence in everyday life
Brain damage

Therefore you need to pay attention to your personal protective equipment before playing boxing and if possible avoid too frequent sparring. And I suggest you consult a doctor about the sport you want to pursue. So that you are given more detailed information about the risks and benefits of boxing.

That's all the info from me, hope it helps

Greetings, Dr. Geraldine Kenya Estuworo

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