Breast Biopsy Laboratory Results?

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amu ‘alaikum. I want to ask. I’ve had surgery to remove a breast tumor and the lab results were mammary fibrosis. What do these results mean? And I still have lumps left in my breasts. Is it not dangerous if I leave it alone because the doctor who operated on me said that if it doesn’t bother me, you shouldn’t have to remove it. Explanation please. Thank you

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From the information you conveyed, the results of a biopsy laboratory examination indicate the presence of breast fibrosis (or fibrocystic change, or fibrocystic disease) which means that the breast tissue undergoes changes in the form of an increase in the formation of excessive connective tissue (fibrosis) and can be accompanied by the formation of cysts.

This condition can be triggered by the influence of female hormonal changes that are responsible for your menstrual cycle. The existence of this hormonal influence causes changes in breast tissue, causing accompanying complaints in the form of pain before menstruation, tenderness, lumps in the breast, discharge from the nipples.

Fibrocystic changes are generally not at risk of causing malignancy, so if there is a residual small lump that bothers you, this condition is generally monitored and observed for complaints in the next few months. If the remaining lumps are getting annoying, you can immediately consult your surgeon.

The doctor will re-evaluate regarding the development of your complaints and lumps. Action and handling will be carried out based on the results of the examination obtained.

That's the information we can convey, also read about breast fibrosis.

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