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Amualikum, I want to tell you a little story.rnA friend of mine has breast cancer and when I visited it turned out that her breast had ruptured. able. The doctor said that my brother couldn’t operate because there was swelling in the heart, high blood pressure and 3 operations (2 caesarean sections and 1 cyst surgery) so if he was anesthetized for surgery, he could fall into a coma at any time, so the doctor said he couldn’t. So now my brother is only being treated at home, he can’t even lie down, his body is already paralyzed on the other side, if you move a little it hurts, it really hurts. My question is, can my brother still recover, and what treatment is suitable. Please answer thank you

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From the information you wrote, it is possible that your relative has terminal breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a malignant condition of breast cells. Types of breast cancer also vary widely, but are classified into 2 categories, invasive and non-invasive. The most common is invasive breast cancer.

The causes and triggers of breast cancer are not known with certainty. Breast cancer treatment is also very dependent on the stage, the patient's medical condition and the type of cancer. Treatment is usually surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy.

Breast cancer that has reached the final stage usually can no longer be given treatment aimed at curing cancer cells, but treatment is usually aimed at maintaining the patient's medical condition so that it is relatively stable, cancer cells do not expand and the patient can rest comfortably (therapy to reduce disturbing symptoms). patient). Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, target cell therapy, and hormonal therapy.

However, this also requires a holistic medical analysis, where the patient's condition is

If your family still wants to confirm the medical condition and stage of your relative's cancer, it's okay to re-consult with another Oncology Consultant Surgeon. Bring all the results of investigations and the patient's medical resume to show the Doctor and discuss possible treatment options.

However, it should be noted that the management of end-stage breast cancer is usually no longer focused on healing but making the patient comfortable in carrying out daily activities.

Accompany your relatives to live a healthy lifestyle, fill the time with useful activities that can be done while lying down such as board games that sharpen the brain, read/read books, and invite friends and other relatives to visit to provide psychological reinforcement.

Read here about Treatment for Advanced Stage Breast Cancer.

That's the information we can share, hopefully it helps you.

Greetings, Dr. Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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