Breast Enlargement In Men And Small Penis Size?

Illustration of Breast Enlargement In Men And Small Penis Size?
Illustration: Breast Enlargement In Men And Small Penis Size?

So I am a man I am 100% sure because I have a penis and my certificate reads male. But there is something strange about me since entering adolescence, to be precise when I was 12 years old, I felt my breasts start to churn until I realized when I was 16 that my breasts were almost as big as a woman but when I asked my mother who is her doctor just answer “no problem and starting tomorrow start wearing a bra ” and because I was raised by a fatherless mother who lives in a night-time environment and transgender women make me think ‘male breasts’ are natural but as time goes by I feel things are up from my height that never rises (160cm) my hips are getting wider even I don’t have an Adam’s apple like a man or my voice doesn’t change I tend to go to puberty a woman after that I asked my mother’s colleagues (both doctors) she could only answer “believe what your mom says ” but as I grew older and the extent of my socialization I felt more and more strange with myself but again every I want permission to see the doctor. My mom always yells at me and says I don’t believe it. Until one day I regained consciousness “why do I not have an interest in women? ” But my environment was again saying it was normal when I started to enter college, I once stayed at her house my friend she and we took a shower with her at first was surprised when I I took off my breasts and thought I was a woman but I told her she also felt strange and again I realized that my penis was not as big as my male friend who was only a thumbs-up. So what is my problem? Is it dangerous? Sorry to be a long story

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Hello Farisa,

We understand your confusion. Confusion conditions regarding gender identity (feeling as a man or woman) with physical sex can be caused by gender identity disorders. This gender identity disorder has several criteria such as having a belief that they have the gender identity of the opposite sex, wearing clothes like the opposite sex, preferring to play with the opposite sex, and feeling uncomfortable with their own gender.

These conditions can disrupt social life, and can also lead to conditions of change in sexual orientation / homosexuality. The complaints you feel can also be influenced by hormonal, environmental and socio-cultural factors. To ensure this requires a thorough examination by a doctor.

If you start to feel disturbed by your physical condition and gender confusion, I suggest that you consult directly with a psychiatrist so that you can do a more demanding examination to determine the cause of your complaint. If needed, the doctor can also perform investigations to find out the cause of breast enlargement and penis size that you think is smaller than your friend. If your condition is confirmed, the doctor will be able to help you and provide optimal treatment for you.

Try to do the following tips:

Talking heart to heart with people you trust, especially with your mama who is also a doctor, hopefully your mama can see your condition objectively but can also help calm you down as the person closest to you
Exchange ideas with someone who can be neutral about your position
Respect yourself
Expand positive activities involving male gender
Socialize with the opposite sex
Try not to stress and worry too much
Get close to God

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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