Breast Growth At The Age Of 24 Years?

Illustration of Breast Growth At The Age Of 24 Years?
Illustration: Breast Growth At The Age Of 24 Years?

I am 24 years old. I feel insecure about my condition because even though I am 24 years old, my body shows no sign of growth or puberty, especially in terms of my breasts. I worry that it is caused by my testosterone being more dominant than my estrogen because my own body also tends to be more hairy than women in general even in the area of ​​the abdomen and breast nipples. I worry that it is also caused by PCOS syndrome. How is the doctor’s diagnosis regarding my condition? Will taking the hormone estrogen help? And where should I check myself if needed? thanks.

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Indeed, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can underlie disorders in the development of secondary sexual organs, including the shape of the breasts, pelvis, voice, fine hairs on the body, and menstruation in women. PCOS itself is a disorder in which the ovum cells fail to mature properly, but form many small cysts that are difficult to fertilize. This condition is not yet clear why, but it is strongly suspected to be related to insulin resistance, excess of androgen hormones, inflammation in the body, and heredity.

Although it looks worrying, you also need to know, that not all women with small breasts mean having PCOS. Small breast size can also occur solely due to genetic factors. It could also, your breasts are smaller in size because you often do exercises to tighten chest muscles, thin body, side effects of taking certain drugs, have had breast surgery, experienced inflammation around the breast, chromosomal abnormalities, or even experience malignancy that causes breast tissue to be attracted into the.

If you experience menstruation as usual, and your secondary sexual organs grow well, you really don't need to worry too much about the size of your small breasts. Later, when you are pregnant and breastfeeding, your breast size will enlarge by itself without the need for special handling.

However, if you feel very disturbed by the shape of your breasts, avoid indiscriminately taking drugs (including those containing the hormone estrogen) without doctor's advice. Immediately check yourself to the doctor or obstetrician so that the cause is detected, and given appropriate treatment. If there is no specific underlying disease, breast augmentation in the medical realm may also be done with plastic surgery procedures. For that, you can also be referred to a plastic surgeon.

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