Breast Infection

Illustration of Breast Infection
Illustration: Breast Infection

On my left nipple there is a lump in it there is water … It may not be used for breastfeeding doc … The problem is if it doesn’t make milk it also hurts ..

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In the structure of the breast in women there are many mammary glands that function to produce breast milk for babies, in addition to that there is also fat tissue and parts of the lymph node system that functions as the body's immune system which ends up leading to lymph nodes in the armpits. Therefore, in some conditions if there is an infection or the spread of cancer cells or in medical called metastasis on the breast will also affect the lymph nodes in the armpits.

several conditions that cause a lump in the breast between:

Fibroadenoma, which feels springy sometimes hurts when held
Fibrocystic, lumps often hurt, especially during menstruation
Intraductal papillomas, painful nipple lumps and sometimes milk with blood
Infection of the mammary glands, painful sometimes accompanied by fever throughout the body
Mammary cancer, which is cancer that can spread and is dangerous
Mastitis, feels pain in some or all parts of the breast despite being touched smooth

if these lumps get sicker and worse until you have a fever or until you bleed, you can immediately consult a doctor to do an examination so that the doctor can find out the cause and provide proper treatment.

when sick you can still continue to give ASI to your child, if that's the problem in your milk duct, if not your breasts can be sick and swollen because it does not give breast milk and over time can be infected. but you should make sure to see the nearest doctor first if it is caused by the milk ducts, it's not a problem for you to breastfeed. for fear that if the liquid contains pus or blood that is bitten on a broken child will be swallowed to the child. There are a number of things you can do to alleviate your complaints:

Compress the breast with a towel soaked in warm water.

Massage the breast from the top to the nipple slowly. Make sure the breasts are in a warm condition when massaged. Massage by pushing the mammary glands to the nipple.

Avoid wearing a bra or tight clothing that can inhibit the flow of milk.

If the lump is painful, do not take medication without first discussing it with your doctor. For the initial stage, mothers can take drugs, such as paracetamol, to relieve pain. However, if the pain continues, the mother can take antibiotics but still at the doctor's recommendation.

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