Breast Lumps Due To Mastitis?

Illustration of Breast Lumps Due To Mastitis?
Illustration: Breast Lumps Due To Mastitis?

.. I am 26 years old and after giving birth to my first child, only 1.5 months old. 2 weeks ago the nipple on the left side was chafed and I experienced symptoms like mastitis. After I checked with the doctor, it turned out that I was really affected by mastitis, there were lumps and red rashes and severe pain in the d. I was given antibiotics that had to be consumed. After the red rash wears off and the pain diminishes, but the lump has not disappeared until now. Even though it’s been more than a week. Did it really take away the lump? I have compressed before breastfeeding and in those with mastitis, I still feed it to my child.

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Mastitis is a process of inflammation of the breast either due to infection or non-infection, which occurs within the first 6 weeks after the baby is born. Diagnosis of mastitis if symptoms of fever, chills, pain throughout the body and breast become red, tense, hot and swollen.

Some of the main risk factors for mastitis are nipple blisters so the mother does not breastfeed until the milk runs out, the frequency of breastfeeding is infrequent and the baby's attachment is not good.

Smoothing the flow of breast milk is important in the management of mastitis. The method includes:

- Breastfeeding until finished or not dismissed by the mother

- Empty the breast regularly if the child is not breastfeeding by expressing milk

- Compressing the breast with warm water while doing gentle massage on the breast area where milk clots occur

- Improving the position of breastfeeding until the entire aerola surface into the baby's mouth

- Breastfeeding starting from the breast contained breast milk

- Avoid using pacifiers

- In addition, mothers need to rest, drink a lot, consume balanced nutrition, avoid excessive stress, and think positively.

If you have done the above things but feel that there are still symptoms, you should consult a lactation clinic at the local hospital to explore the disorders that you face and to get appropriate treatment.

So, hopefully it can be useful

Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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