Breast Milk?

Illustration of Breast Milk?
Illustration: Breast Milk?

can breast milk cause the body to become chills? Plus my stomach was also sore after giving birth last month. Please answer yes.

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Hi Icha,

Thank you for asking

When you have just given birth, your breasts often experience pain, swelling, and hardness due to the abundant production of breast milk. This condition is influenced by hormonal changes, namely an increase in the hormone prolactin and also oxytocin. This is certainly very good for supporting your success in breastfeeding your baby.

However, the problem is, often, this abundant milk production is not matched by adequate emptying of the breasts. This condition can occur, for example, due to insufficient breastfeeding frequency, babies who are not good at breastfeeding, and so on. This buildup of milk in the breast parenchyma can cause inflammation, or in the medical world it is called mastitis. Chances are, this is what makes you fever (chills). In addition, the presence of a sore on your nipple (which is usually caused by the baby's improper attachment) can also be a way for bacteria to enter the breast parenchyma, causing inflammation to get worse. Not infrequently, the mother even experiences a swelling or a large lump in her breast.

Mastitis is often harmless. This condition usually gets better as the frequency of your breastfeeding increases and your baby is more able to latch on to your breast. You can first resolve these complaints with the following efforts:

Regular compresses of the breasts with warm water Perform gentle massage on the breasts in a clockwise direction to prevent milk from settling Breastfeed your baby regularly 2 hours Express your milk as well after each feeding to empty the breasts Ensure that your baby is properly attached when feeding (baby's mouth) covers the entire areola around your nipples) Clean your breasts using a clean towel soaked in warm water before and after breastfeeding Wash your hands before and after breastfeeding Drink plenty of food Eating healthy and nutritious food. Adequate rest If your body temperature rises high enough, you can also consume paracetamol medicine Need to be clarified, in what way was your previous labor done? What is fault? Or is it normal?

If you previously gave birth by cesarean, then the pain in the stomach that can still be felt up to 1 month after giving birth is actually a natural thing. Of course, it takes a long time to heal deep surgical wounds. In addition, the scar tissue that replaces the layer of your skin that is cut after surgery has less elasticity than normal skin cells. Therefore, if you do excessive movement, of course you will feel pain.

However, if you previously gave birth normally, it is very likely that the abdominal pain you are currently experiencing is not directly related to the birth process. This abdominal pain may arise due to dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), urinary tract infections or stones, gastrointestinal infections, myomas, pelvic inflammation, colitis, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

Meanwhile, you can first relieve the pain in your stomach by getting plenty of rest while compressing the painful stomach with warm water. First, limit the lifting or pushing of heavy objects, running, or going up and down stairs.

If with the above efforts your complaint doesn't get better, don't hesitate to go to a doctor or gynecologist in order to get the best treatment.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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