Breast Pain And Decreased Sexual Desire?

Illustration of Breast Pain And Decreased Sexual Desire?
Illustration: Breast Pain And Decreased Sexual Desire?

. Why do my breasts hurt. And these few days I have no passionate relationship with my husband. I had my period about 2 weeks ago

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Hello Dwi,

Breast pain can be harmless, it can be dangerous. Some of the conditions that cause breast pain include:

Cyclic pain during menstruation that gets better after completion Early signs of pregnancy Side effects of contraceptives Large breasts and wearing a too tight bra Breast infection Fat acid imbalance Chest muscle pain History of trauma to the breast Malignancy / cancer To determine the cause of breast pain requires direct examination by a doctor. In the meantime, you can do the following tips to help reduce complaints:

Use a comfortable bra and the size is not tight Do a gentle massage on the breasts. Relaxing warm compresses. Reduce high-fat foods Avoid smoking, alcohol, and reduce caffeine Take pain relievers if necessary Perform breast self-examination, if you find a lump, consult a surgeon. with the tips above that the breasts still feel pain or then experience swelling, redness, or a lump, you should see a doctor directly so that you can check and determine the cause then you can be given more optimal treatment.

As for the decrease in sexual desire, this can certainly be annoying. Some of the conditions that can reduce sexual desire include:

Hormonal changes, for example during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the effects of thyroid disorders, decreased testosterone levels Psychological conditions, such as stress, feeling insecure about body shape fatigue Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and drug use Certain medical conditions that indirectly affect decreased sexual desire, for example cancer, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, stroke Consumption of certain drugs Side effects of contraceptives There are problems with your partner Try to discuss this problem with your husband first so that you can find the best solution and solution, for example with a vacation together, stay at a hotel to get a new atmosphere, or do other activities that can build intimacy. There's no need to push yourself.

If the condition of decreased sexual desire begins to interfere with your relationship with your husband, you better consult further with a doctor who is an expert in sexology. The doctor will do the inspection and provide the best treatment for you. In some cases, decreased sexual desire can be helped by drugs and hormonal therapy. However, if the decrease in sexual desire is caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding, usually no special treatment is needed.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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