Breast Problems?

Illustration of Breast Problems?
Illustration: Breast Problems?

Hello doctor, I am 19 years old and not yet married, my nipples are like a split white “like blackheads or so on in the middle. Besides that sometimes it goes inside, sometimes it is flat. And when the breast is pressed near the armpit it hurts, but not I have a lump. nI want to ask 1. Are my breasts normal? 2. If I have a disease, what disease is it? 3. Can it be cured by drugs alone?

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Hi Ade,

Complaints of split and white nipples in the middle can be a normal variation. The whites could be dirt. You can try cleaning the nipple area with a cloth dampened in water gently. Make sure the nipples are completely clean of soap residue when bathing. Avoid rubbing the nipples too hard. Use a comfortable, less tight bra and change your bra if it gets wet or sweaty.

If it is accompanied by redness or pain in the nipples and abnormal discharge, it is necessary to think about other causes such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, irritation of the nipples due to certain ingredients such as soap, detergents, breast creams, and bra fabric, breast cancer, and paget disease.

Associated with flat or inward nipples, if the condition from childhood is generally not dangerous. You can try using a nipple retractor to help restore the shape of the nipple for easy feeding later. You can also do the stimulation by gently pulling on the nipple several times a day. However, if the nipple suddenly enters with a lump and changes in the breast, it is necessary to think about the possibility of breast cancer.

For complaints of pain when pressed, if you press hard, of course it is natural that the breasts feel sore for a moment. However, if the pain is felt continuously or often recurs even though it is not suppressed, this condition can be caused by several things such as cyclic pain during menstruation, infection and inflammation of the breast, lumps in the breast, side effects of contraception, large breast size, wearing too tight a bra, unhealthy diet, and post breast surgery. For now, you should not press your breasts often and if you can apply warm or cold compresses, you can do it.

I suggest that you do a breast self-examination after each period. If you find lumps, breast changes, changes in the skin such as orange peel, or there is recurring pain, you should see your doctor directly so that you can do further tests if necessary with ultrasound and mammography to confirm your condition. Treatment will be given by the doctor by considering the results of your examination and your condition.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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