Breast Swelling And Pain In The Weaning Process?

Illustration of Breast Swelling And Pain In The Weaning Process?
Illustration: Breast Swelling And Pain In The Weaning Process?

I am in the process of weaning my 2-year-old child. on my right I am swollen and sick. When pumped while massaging, there is a speck of blood mixed with milk, only one spot in the area of ​​the crab is mixed with blood. The breast is slightly yellow rather white, different from the left where the water is runny white and squirt when pressed. I wonder why? Wounds from the pump or something else?

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Basically the breast that feels swollen and painful during the weaning process is most often caused by a blockage in the milk outlet. This blockage occurs most often because the breast is not emptied properly while breastfeeding. The existence of blockages in the outlet of this milk will increase your risk of having an infection in the breast or mastitis as well. Blood coming out of your breast can be caused by inflammation in your breast (either due to a blockage in the milk outlet or due to mastitis). However, it does not rule out the possibility that blood can also be caused by the use of breast milk pumps that are not good. Changes in the color and taste of breast milk are very likely to occur in obstruction of the outlet of milk or mastitis.

You are actually more recommended to wean the child slowly only. If up to the age of 2 years your child is still suckling often enough, you also do not need to immediately stop breastfeeding the child, but can reduce the frequency of giving milk more gradually. For example, you usually breastfeed a child 5 times a day, you can start to reduce it to 3 times a day, 2 times a day, 1 time a day, until finally it stops altogether. In between breastfeeding, if indeed the breast feels full and swollen, you may remove a little of your milk with a breast pump or released directly by hand.

For now, to help reduce the pain caused by the blockage of the milk outlet that you feel, you can compress your breasts with a cold compress. Keep trying to express milk a little by using a breast pump, you can pump your breasts with your breasts facing down so that gravity can also help get rid of your breast blockage. You are recommended to use 2 breast pumps at once, but if you only have 1 pump, then you can start pumping from swollen breasts first. To reduce breast milk production, you should not pump the breast until it is completely empty.

If you have a fever, are not feeling well, or you feel your breasts become very swollen and very painful, or if you can feel the induration of your breasts (there is a lump in which is filled with fluid), you should immediately do a doctor's examination for evaluation and further management.

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