Breast Tumor Surgery Wound That Is Hollow And Painful?

Illustration of Breast Tumor Surgery Wound That Is Hollow And Painful?
Illustration: Breast Tumor Surgery Wound That Is Hollow And Painful?

Good afternoon! R nDok, I want to ask you yesterday (10/09/2018 /) I did a breast tumor surgery, but my breasts became hollow and were not sutured. Do I have to go to bed rest, doj, because I sleep on my side, it hurts especially when it is difficult to wake up. R nAnd after the operation, each control is always put in gauze and continues in my breasts … when can I close the hole in the incision if given keep gauze. r nThank you

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Hi Ainaturrofiqoh,

Thank you for asking

There are various types of tumors that can grow in the breast, some are benign, some are malignant. Treatment for each type of tumor can be different, some are sufficient by administering drugs, surgery, to require further treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify first, what tumor do you mean?

After undergoing surgical removal of a tumor in the breast, often the skin from the incision will heal within 1 to 4 weeks. The healing time can vary depending on the type of tumor, the type of surgery performed, postoperative care, the patient's general health condition, and also the patient's history.

A wound that is deep and painful is likely to indicate an infection. This infection can appear early before surgery (for example, if the tumor you have is an abscess) or it can be a postoperative complication due to poor care or weak immune system. As a result of infection, not only will the wound healing process be hampered, but fluid will continue to be produced under the skin from the inflammatory debris which makes the wound look wet or festering. This condition, if not treated properly, will further hamper the healing of your postoperative wound. Not only that, the infection in the scar after breast tumor surgery can also spread to the surrounding tissue and even to other organs that are far away. In an effort to clean the residual infection debris that often settles under the skin, the doctor will generally leave the surgery scar open while inserting gauze so that it can absorb the debris. Thus, debris can be cleaned and healing can run more optimally. Often also, along with this treatment, the doctor will give you several types of drugs, while doing further tests, for example a biopsy or bacterial resistance culture of the debris that comes out.

Our advice is that you consult directly with the surgeon who operated on you before in order to get the best treatment. To help optimize the healing of your surgery, you can do the following:

Obey any medical instructions
If the breasts feel sore, take a pain reliever first, for example paracetamol or other pain medication prescribed by a doctor.
Always keep your surgery scar clean, do good wound care according to the doctor's instructions
Wear loose, clean, and comfortable clothes
Do not handle the surgery with your hands or any dirty objects
Fulfill your nutritional intake by consuming healthy foods, especially red meat, sea fish, nuts, whole grains, water
Stay away from cigarettes
Get plenty of rest

Hope it helps ..

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