Breast Ultrasound Examination Results?

Illustration of Breast Ultrasound Examination Results?
Illustration: Breast Ultrasound Examination Results?

At noon I want to ask the results of the mammary ultrasound as follows: Mammae dextra: Cutis subcutis within normal limits Echo fibro-glandular structure mammary dense homogeneous No visible lesions / nodules on the parenchyma mammarye No visible widening of the ductus lactiferous No visible micro / macro-calcified structure Not visible KGB axillae of the fluids collection on low outter quadranEcho homogeneous dense fibro-glandular structures homogeneous dense hypoechoic lesions with no isoekoic section at 6 / 3cm from mammary papillae (UK. 0.7×0.6 cm) No visible widening of the lactiferous ductus Not visible micro / macro calcification Not visible in KGB axilla Impression: Mass with a solid part inside at 6 / 3cm from mammae sinistra papilla. Suspicious malignant (birads US 4) No visible axilla lymphadenopathy

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Hello Ika Thank you for asking

Based on the results of the ultrasound examination that you described. Examination results on mammary dextra ie right breast impression within normal limits.

Whereas the examination of mammary sinistra or left breast has the impression:

There is a solid mass (solid) in the 6 o'clock direction of the papilla (nipple) with a size of 3 cm. Suspicious malignant has the meaning of suspicion toward a malignancy, with a US BIRADS score of 4.
No visible axilla lymphadenopathy -> no lymph node enlargement found in the armpit area on the left side of the breast. Enlargement of lymph nodes when ultrasound also needs to be assessed to determine the presence or absence of spread in breast cancer.

Solidarity itself is strong, solid. And if the lump or mass contained in any part of the body to assess its consistency, it can be said that the mass is solid or soft, if it is solid it is usually called solid.

DanBI-RADS which is an abbreviation of the Brake Imaging-Reporting And Data System is a classification system used to assess the ambient mass or lumps on breast ultrasound. In addition to ultrasound this classification can also be used in other radiological examinations such as maography and MRI. This BI-RADS classification consists of 7 categories including: BI-RADS 0 - BI-RADS 6.

In the ultrasound examination that you do with the results of the BI-RADS 4 examination, which means that the ultrasound examination found a period that shows suspicion toward an abnormal mass. And BIRADS 4 can then be classified again, into:

BI-RADS IVa: low level of suspicion toward malignancy (cancer)
BI-RADS IVb: intermediate level of suspicion toward malignancy (cancer)
BI-RADS IVc: moderate level of suspicion towards malignancy (cancer)

If the USG examination results show the direction of the BIRADS 4 category, the doctor will usually recommend a biopsy. A biopsy is a surgical examination to take a small amount of tissue from a lump which is then examined by a laboratory to help confirm the diagnosis whether the benign or malignant period or cancer. Which later is also useful to determine the appropriate treatment steps.

We recommend that you do the consultation again or control back to the doctor who asked you to do the ultrasound. Or if you only do this ultrasound examination as a screening at your own request, you can consult a surgeon specialist by bringing the results of the examination. So the doctor can do the examination and the next treatment steps that are suitable for you.

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