Breast Ultrasound Lab Results?

Illustration of Breast Ultrasound Lab Results?
Illustration: Breast Ultrasound Lab Results?

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This examination should be interpreted by the doctor who examined you, because the results of supporting examinations, including ultrasound need to be combined with the results of history taking (question and answer) and physical examination to get an accurate diagnosis.

If you refer only to the impression of the results of your ultrasound, you most likely suffer from fibroadenoma (FAM), a benign tumor derived from breast connective tissue. This is characterized by an ultrasound interpretation of solid lesions or solid lumps, more than one multiple and possibly benign (suggestive benign). The size of the lump is about 3 cm.

The exact cause of FAM is unknown, allegedly related to hormonal factors. FAM is a benign tumor, and in some cases disappear by itself. Generally, if fibroadenoma is small and does not cause interference and anxiety, fibroadenoma only needs to be monitored periodically. But doctors can also recommend surgery if there are certain causes, such as causing complaints, enlarged lumps, risk of cancer, or other reasons. FAM surgery is called lumpectomy. Usually the operation is fast and the risk is low. The scars may interfere, but your surgeon will try to prevent large scars and will look at aesthetics.

At present, the best step is to consult the results with the doctor who asks you to have an ultrasound examination. Further examination, such as biopsy, may be needed. The doctor will provide treatment in accordance with the results of the examination.

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