Illustration of Breast?
Illustration: Breast?

I want to ask .. I am breastfeeding my child for only 2 months but my lower left breast has a lump and feels painful .. sometimes the lump appears sometimes it disappears after I breastfeed my child .. and the size of my breast is bigger on the left. Is this dangerous and includes cancer?

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Hello Anna,

Did the lumps appear when you were not breastfeeding for a long time and the lumps disappeared after the milk was removed? Lumps in the breast during breastfeeding that come and go can be affected by the breastfeeding itself. Naturally, if you have not breastfed for several hours and are not pumped too then your breasts are full and if you feel there is a kind of lump in it. Later, after breastfeeding or pumping the breasts will be more limp / tender and usually the lump is not palpable. Breastfeeding mothers also often experience differences in breast size between right and left. These are usually harmless and do not need special handling.

However, in breastfeeding mothers there can be several conditions that cause lumps and pain in the breast, namely galactocele (a kind of cyst or bag that is formed because the mouth of the milk duct is blocked, this can occur when the breastfeeding mother stops breastfeeding for a long time), as well as mastitis (infection. and inflammation of the breast).

Lumps in the breast can also arise due to other things not related to breastfeeding, namely abscesses, mammary fibroadenomas, fibrocysts, breast cysts, to breast cancer. To determine the cause of the lump, a doctor's examination is needed.

For now you don't need to worry just yet, try doing the following tips:

Breastfeed regularly, try not to get very full breasts. If the baby is sleeping but the breasts begin to feel full, the milk should be pumped. Dairy milk can be stored in the freezer and can be given to the baby using a spoon or cup feeder. Warm compresses on the breasts Perform gentle breast massage Breastfeeding alternately right and left Use a comfortable nursing bra Reduce consumption of high fat foods If you feel very sore, reddish breasts appear such as boils, fever, or lumps do not disappear after breastfeeding, you should consult directly with your doctor first so that further tests can be done to ascertain the cause if needed, ultrasound and mammography can be done. Furthermore, the doctor will provide further treatment. Treatment will be adjusted to the patient's condition, can be with painkillers, antibiotics if there is infection, or surgery if there is a tumor or cancer mass.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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