Breastfeed While Pregnant Again?

Illustration of Breastfeed While Pregnant Again?
Illustration: Breastfeed While Pregnant Again?

I want to ask, my baby is 4.5 months old and I am pregnant again, do I have to call my child? What are the negative effects if I continue to breastfeed my baby but what will be the negative impacts after breastfeeding is changed to formula milk? R n

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Breast milk is the baby's main food, even being the only food when the baby is less than 6 months old. Breast milk contains good nutrition and is sufficient for babies under 6 months. The nutrients contained in breast milk are much better than formula milk.

It is not uncommon, if pregnancy occurs in mothers who are breastfeeding, even in babies less than 6 months old. So that requires mothers to get pregnant and breastfeed at the same time. Also known as tandem nursing.

What must be considered in tandem nursing are:

1. Nutrition for mother, baby and fetus can be fulfilled. Mothers must be diligent in eating and eating foods high in carbohydrates, high in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals. You can read about this information here.

2. Drink lots of water.

3. Watch for signs of threat to pregnancy, such as bleeding in the birth canal and contractions. If this happens then breastfeeding should be stopped. Contractions occur due to the hormone oxytocin produced during breastfeeding. This hormone triggers uterine contractions. Even so, generally the hormone oxytocin that is produced during breastfeeding will not make the uterus contract strongly which causes bleeding or miscarriage or premature birth or fetal death. The exception is in a weak pregnancy.

4. Control to an obstetrician to assess fetal growth and development. The doctor will perform an ultrasound supporting examination to assess this.

5. Take your baby to the posyandu to be examined by the doctor for growth and development.

6. When pregnancy enters the age of 4 months, milk production will decrease and feel bland so that the baby will be lazy to breastfeed.

7. If there are problems with the growth and development of your fetus or baby, consult your doctor, whether you should stop breastfeeding the baby and replace it with donor breast milk or formula milk or do you have to hasten the complementary feeding of ASI (complementary foods).

8. If your choice falls on formula feeding, ask your doctor for the recommended formula (of course, formula milk that can nutritionally meet your baby's needs so it can replace breast milk).

9. There are some cases, babies are allergic to formula milk. If these signs occur in your child, then immediately stop giving them and take them to the emergency room. Allergy signs that can be found: red rash on the skin, swollen mouth and face, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting and others.

So, hopefully it's useful.

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