Breastfeeding A Child During A Cold And Fever?

Illustration of Breastfeeding A Child During A Cold And Fever?
Illustration: Breastfeeding A Child During A Cold And Fever?

Morning. My child is 1 year and 1 week still breastfeeding. I am now feeling a cold, cough, fever 34 u0026deg; pda aching body ill or normal because of coex 19. How do I make my children and family not infectious if I am sick covid like this …

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Hello Nila, thank you for asking at

The complaint that you are experiencing right now is not typical as a symptom of COVID-19 and can be caused by other diseases such as ARI, flu, or cold cold. However, if you have a history of contact or in the last 2 weeks you have been able to travel to a place that has a case COVID-19 is quite high (both foreign and domestic), it is highly recommended to consult the complaint further to the doctor to evaluate and determine which therapies / actions should be based on your current condition.

In the meantime, besides going to the doctor, you are also allowed to take cold medicines which are sold freely in the marketplace until you further recommend from the doctor, and also do the following:

 Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from all your family members, including your child. Use a mask even when you are at home and change and dispose of it properly, in a closed trash can. Be in a separate room with other family members and stay in the room. home for at least 14 days since the complaint is felt Pompalah your breast milk and give it to your child through a bottle Conduct ethics coughing and sneezing properly Avoid throwing out phlegm carelessly, throw it in the toilet and flush immediately with water Make sure the air vents in your home and room are good Eating good food adequate and balanced nutrition every day, and increase consumption of vegetables and fruit Maintain a minimum of 2 liters of water intake a day Make sure the food consumed is cooked perfectly Avoid sharing food / drinks and your personal belongings with other family members Doing regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day Getting get some rest Not enough Hope that helps.

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