Breastfeeding In Mothers With Thyroid Disease?

Illustration of Breastfeeding In Mothers With Thyroid Disease?
Illustration: Breastfeeding In Mothers With Thyroid Disease?

I want to ask … I am a girl … birth weight is 3 kg … now my child is 4 months and a half, weighs only 5.2 kg … I have consulted with a pediatrician he said the minimum weight gain is 7ons per month, normal 1kg / month, but my child only has 3ons per month, but I don’t breastfeed, because there is a thyroid problem that my mother suffers from, so there are many who are prohibited from breastfeeding, she said. While children his age are already 7-8kg ,, help the solution

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Hi Nhia,

Thank you for asking

Baby girls, when they are 4 months old, normally weigh between 5.5 and 7.3 kg. When viewed at a glance based on weight and age alone, your child is indeed in the "under the yellow line" category, which is not having an optimal weight. This condition can be influenced by many factors.

Need to clarify, what kind of thyroid gland disorder are you experiencing? What is hyperthyroidism? How long have you been there? And, do you always get treatment, including during pregnancy?

If you really mean hyperthyroidism, then this condition can indeed increase the risk of a baby being born with a low weight. However, if your child weighs 3 kg at birth, there are likely other conditions that hamper their weight gain, for example:

Obstacles in breastfeeding, for example due to cleft lip, tongue tie, lip tie, prematurity, low breast milk, too watery milk
Given additional food or drink too early, including formula milk
Experiencing other diseases, for example congenital hyperthyrodism, chronic infections, indigestion, and so on

You should check your child directly to a pediatrician so that you can find out what kind of treatment steps are best for him. If necessary, the doctor will perform blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, and so on in an effort to establish a proper diagnosis.

In the meantime, you can do the following solutions:

Get thyroid medication as directed by your doctor
Keep breastfeeding your baby --- Mothers suffering from hyperthyroidism are not prohibited from breastfeeding their babies, doctors will usually adjust the hyperthyroid medication so that it does not harm the breastfed child. This does not make hyperthyrodism contagious to children. However, in the meantime, while waiting for your milk production to recover, you can still give your child breast milk from a suitable breastfeeding donor.
Increase the quantity and quality of your breast milk by diligently expressing breasts, drinking more, eating nutritious and varied foods, stay away from stress, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.
Avoid children from getting too close to adults who are contagious
Avoid giving additional feeding or drinking to babies before 6 months of age unless they have direct advice from a doctor

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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