Breastfeeding Mothers

Illustration of Breastfeeding Mothers
Illustration: Breastfeeding Mothers

Is the salon fit for nursing mothers is it safe? Does it not affect ASI?

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Salonpas is a plaster made from the main ingredients methyl salicylate and menthol. With this content, this plaster is useful in making the skin feel cold and warm, so that the pain that previously appeared, such as due to muscle cramps, arthritis, even sprains, can be distracted. However, please note, that the use of this bandage is only useful in relieving pain, not totally healing the cause of the pain.

So far, there has been no research devoted to testing the potential side effects of this plaster if used while pregnant or breastfeeding. But presumably, if used appropriately (not excessively), and if you do not have an allergy to the components of this plaster, its use is relatively safe, both for you and the baby you are breastfeeding. It's just that you need to make sure none of these plaster components come into direct contact with your baby's skin. Because, in addition to causing the baby to feel uncomfortable, this can also make the baby's skin inflamed, such as due to allergies or irritation. Do not also use this tape around the breast, so as not to cause a negative impact on your baby.

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