Breastmilk Storage Plastic Smells Of Chemicals, Is It Dangerous?

Illustration of Breastmilk Storage Plastic Smells Of Chemicals, Is It Dangerous?
Illustration: Breastmilk Storage Plastic Smells Of Chemicals, Is It Dangerous?

Good morning, I bought a breast milk bag after I opened it inside the bag smells of chemicals, is it safe to store breast milk? What about breast milk that has already been stored in the bag? Should it be thrown away?

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To support the success of breastfeeding for up to 2 years, mothers need to really carefully manage their breast milk. One of the steps that can be done is by expressing breast milk and storing it for later feeding to the baby. This function is very important, especially for mothers who have other activities outside the home, for example working mothers. With good management of breast milk, the baby's right to continue to get breast milk even though the mother is not at home can be fulfilled, so that her health and body immunity are maintained. Not only that, for mothers who do not work, it is still important to manage milk milk to anticipate unforeseen conditions, for example if the mother is sick, the mother dies, or suddenly there is a need that makes it impossible to bring along the baby who is being breastfed.

One thing that must be considered in the management of expressed breast milk is the storage area. There are several containers that can be used to store expressed breast milk, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, or plastic bags. Where possible, using a glass bottle is actually considered the best for storing breast milk. Because, the possibility of the components in the glass bottle to affect the quality of breast milk is very small. However, this does not mean that bottles or plastic bags are not recommended. As long as the mother is careful in sorting and selecting, plastic bottles or bags can be a good alternative to storing expressed breast milk.

Especially in choosing a plastic bag for storing expressed breast milk, you should pay attention to the following guidelines:

Make sure the plastic bags used are free of harmful chemicals, for example bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates - these chemicals when mixed with milk according to the FDA (food and drug administration) have a higher risk of causing health problems in babies, including hormonal disorders, impaired brain function and behavior, increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes Choose plastic bags that have a 5-PP (polypropylene) recycling code, which is a type of plastic that is safe and reusable. Plastic bags can be closed tightly Do not reuse the plastic bag that has been used to store expressed breast milk, even though it has been washed. Leave a cavity in the plastic at least 2 to 5 cm from the upper limit of the milk milk so that there is still room for bubbling when expressed milk is frozen Make sure the plastic bag you use is clean, does not smell bad, and has never been used before smells bad odors (such as chemical scents) from the plastic bag you are storing in, then this could be a sign that the plastic bag you are using does not meet the standards for a good breast milk bag. You can take the plastic bag sample that you are using to the doctor or nearest breastfeeding counselor for further evaluation, whether the bag is safe to use or not. If it is not safe, then it is better if the milk that has been stored in the bag is discarded and you can re-express your milk for storage in a more appropriate bag.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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