Breasts Suddenly Enlarged, Felt Painful And Hot?

Illustration of Breasts Suddenly Enlarged, Felt Painful And Hot?
Illustration: Breasts Suddenly Enlarged, Felt Painful And Hot?

Hello, from the morning I woke up to this night I felt there was something strange in the left breast, presumably it happened to be enlarged slowly and there was pain, but there was not the slightest bulge. It feels hot and makes me worry. Because I am still not married so this does not happen because I am adulterated, and this time is not a schedule in my menstruation, because for menstruation is usually routine and never feel the breast like this if during premenstruation. My feelling is because I wore a bra in the previous day. What should I do to restore my enlarged breasts and pain like this. Please help, thanks.

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Hello Jihadul

Pain in the breast can be caused by various factors, such as inflammation of the surface of the breast due to using a bra that is narrow and tends to cause irritation such as wire or bra material that is rough and triggers itching or allergies or it could be due to exposure to an irritant trigger ( for example strong detergents, coloring agents, fragrances / perfumes, etc.). Circumstances caused by this condition will generally disappear by itself slowly when the trigger is stopped, so Jihadul is expected to use a bra made of cloth with a comfortable size. However, if the condition is getting heavier and is very disturbing even though you have avoided wearing the bra, you need to consider other possibilities that can trigger pain and swelling in the breast.

Some things that can be considered are:

Hormonal balance factor in the menstrual cycle, in certain people the level of female hormones changes with the menstrual cycle where breast size can become larger and denser and pain that disappears and appears on its own as the menstrual cycle goes on.
Effects of drugs that are being consumed (such as anti-depressant drugs, heart medications, and birth control pills / injections)

For the time being, Jihadul does not need to worry too much, but you are expected to keep an eye on the development of conditions and symptoms experienced such as presence or absence: fluid coming out of the nipple (for example blood or breast milk / breast milk even if not breastfeeding, whether or not there is ruyam on nipple area, the shape of the nipple, the presence or absence of painful lumps in the area when and around it especially when menstruation, burning sensation in the breast or appear reddish.If there are suspicious conditions like the above then Jihadul should consult a doctor directly so that it can be done further examination to ascertain what actually triggers pain and swelling in your breast.

And every adult woman is expected to carry out breast self-examination (breast self-examination) periodically either when there are no complaints or not to find out whether there is a change in the condition of the breast just in case so that if it detects an abnormality it can be treated immediately before it develops to become heavier.

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