Breathing A Bit Heavy And Runny Nose

Illustration of Breathing A Bit Heavy And Runny Nose
Illustration: Breathing A Bit Heavy And Runny Nose

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Hello WIDA,

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Nasal congestion until it feels uncomfortable when breathing is mainly caused by disorders of the nasal cavity itself, for example due to allergic rhinitis, infectious rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, nasal polyps, nasal septum deviation, swelling of the nasal passage, the entry of foreign objects, and so on. It could also, complaints that you feel arise because of disorders in other organ systems but also affect nasal function, for example sinusitis, nasopharyngeal cancer, immune disorders, the influence of drugs, and so on. Related to your concern about COVID-19, the Corona virus could indeed be one of the causes of infection around the nasal cavity.

Bronchitis that you experience, if it has been treated thoroughly, often can be cured and does not leave prolonged complications, including in the form of complaints as you experience at this time.

If that's the only complaint you feel, you shouldn't worry. Resolve independently of your complaints by:

 Obey the government's advice to stay at home, only come out when urgently Use a mask while you have a cold, especially if it appears sneezing or coughing Compress your nose with warm water Don't rub your nose, especially with dirty hands Diligently shower with warm water and wash your hands thoroughly Use water humidifier so the air doesn't dry Don't overdo it using air conditioning / fan Stay away from contact with dust, smoke, pollution and allergens Drink plenty of warm water and eat fruit and other foods that can moisturize your nasal cavity Irrigating your nose with NaCl liquid Given current epidemic COVID-19, in a hurry to see a doctor in non-emergency cases seems to be more at risk for your baby, because it increases your risk of contracting the virus. Therefore, if your complaints improve with the above efforts, it is better not to have to go to a doctor first and don't take any medication. Conversely, if complaints are very disturbing, or accompanied by high fever> 3 days, recurring nosebleeds and long recovery, severe headaches, and tightness, do not hesitate to check yourself to the doctor or ENT doctor huh ..

I hope this helps.

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