Breathing Is Fast, Shallow, And Uncomfortable?

Illustration of Breathing Is Fast, Shallow, And Uncomfortable?
Illustration: Breathing Is Fast, Shallow, And Uncomfortable?

Hello, I want to talk about the breathing problems I’ve been having recently .. I’m breathing like a little bit of air but a lot of it out .. and the frequency is quite fast, so I feel like I’m not really breathing and feel uncomfortable at all. R nPlease explain and how to fix it, thank you.

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Breathing that feels uncomfortable and tight can be caused by various causes. How old are you now?

From the state that you are experiencing, the feeling of breathing is like living only a little air so that you feel you are not breathing may be due to a GERD. GERD or known as acid reflux disease is a condition where there is an increase from stomach acid to the throat. This happens because of the weakness of the muscles that line the throat and stomach. GERD often occurs in people with obesity, a history of alcohol consumption, or lying down frequently after eating. GERD can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, discomfort in the chest area, heartburn, upper abdominal pain. GERD requires treatment with certain stomach medications for a long period of time.

but besides that the condition you experience can also be caused due to various other causes such as:

pulmonary infection
disturbance of the body's acid-alkaline levels
high blood sugar levels
heart disease
inflammation of the lining of the heart or lungs

Therefore, it is recommended that you check yourself directly to a doctor so that the doctor can check your condition directly first, so that the doctor can provide the right therapy later.

It is recommended that you do not lie down immediately after eating. Eat small portions but often. Don't eat sour and spicy foods. Don't drink alcohol. Exercise regularly, and avoid excess stress.

Here's an article you can read about Shortness of breath

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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