Breech Pregnancy?

Illustration of Breech Pregnancy?
Illustration: Breech Pregnancy?

Good night, I’m Nukki and it’s my first pregnancy. My pregnancy is currently 31 weeks. At the time of my 30 weeks of pregnancy, I did an examination at the obstetrician and the result was that my baby was still breech. Then I was advised to ride so that my baby was not breech. And a week later because I got dizzy, I did another checkup at the midwife and she said that the baby’s head was down. N nShould I keep nungging? because the baby weighs 1.3 kg, can the baby move breech again. n nand now I often feel pain in the lower abdomen, is that okay?

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Hi gina,

Thank you for asking

From an external examination (which is usually done in a midwife) it is possible to predict the lowest part of the fetus, whether the head or buttocks (breech). However, this examination also has limitations, so it needs to be confirmed again with an ultrasound examination.

At 30-31 weeks of gestation, the fetal weight is still relatively small, ranging from 1300 to 1700 grams. At this age, the fetus is still relatively wide in space in the uterus, so that changes in the position of the baby are still possible. Therefore, you can still do frequent menungging (bending, prostrating) as your doctor previously advised you to do even though according to the last examination the position of the head of the fetus in your womb has turned downwards. Do this appropriately, don't need to overdo it to make you dizzy, or experience pain in the lower abdomen.

Pain in the lower abdomen as the gestational age gets bigger (2nd or 3rd trimester) in most cases is normal. This pain can occur due to being triggered by the greater burden of pregnancy. Excessive activity, active fetal movement, lack of exercise, large amniotic volume (polyhydramnios), carrying twins (tingling), and several other factors can also aggravate this pain. In more severe conditions, pain can also be felt to the genitals.

As long as the pain in the stomach you experience still appears in a reasonable intensity, not accompanied by excessive abdominal contractions (tight stomach), spotting or blood from the birth canal, seepage of amniotic fluid, bowel problems, vomiting, fever, or other complaints, You can relieve this pain by getting plenty of rest, elevating or hanging your feet to reduce pressure in the abdominal area, wearing comfortable clothes, and compressing the painful stomach with warm water.

However, if the abdominal pain does not improve, or appears accompanied by other complaints as described above, you should check it directly with a gynecologist. It is feared that this pain may arise from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (for example due to infection or food poisoning), urinary tract ( for example due to stones or infection), the reproductive tract (for example due to myoma, infection), or other causes that require special treatment. Some examinations, such as ultrasound, urine tests, or others can also be done by doctors to identify the cause of the pain and provide the best treatment.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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