Illustration of Brisk?
Illustration: Brisk?

, I often walk 1 day along ± 1 km, sometimes I walk fast, and I am 16 years old, is it good for health or excessive? thank you

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Hello cazsyah, thank you for asking, I will try to answer your question.

Walk for about 1 km every day, right? Is that what that means?

Although walking that you do may be included in daily activities, repetitive movements and have a rhythm like walking can also be called exercise criteria. So that what you do every day is called you are exercising.

Exercise that is carried out regularly, can have a good effect directly and indirectly / can be felt later on. Regardless of your age, many studies have proven that by exercising your body will be healthier and make you feel happier. Here are some of the benefits of exercising regularly, namely:

prevent from the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases prevent obesity delaying physical limitations when old age improves quality of life (improves mood, relieves stress, makes sleep better) The walking activities you do every day for 1 km are already activities that are healthy, but for an age range like you, the best exercise is for approximately 60 minutes per day, while the calculation of the distance you do cannot represent the duration of time it takes you to walk 1 km. So the way to find out the best criteria for your daily activities so that they are included in sports activities that are beneficial to the body is to calculate how long it takes to walk, not how far you have walked.

A little explanation from me, hopefully it can be useful, thank you. Regards

dr. Ciptanti

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