Broken Backbone Due To Falls In People With Dementia?

Illustration of Broken Backbone Due To Falls In People With Dementia?
Illustration: Broken Backbone Due To Falls In People With Dementia?

Doctor, my father-in-law aged 84 years and 1.5 months ago slipped, after xray there was a bone in t 12 that went into / narrowed the segment, he is currently in treatment with miacalcic intracutane injections given every 3 days once n is now the 8th injection. The problem is that he is in a state of dementia, so he does not realize that when he falls and he does not get sick, he often does prohibited movements, such as suddenly sitting with his legs bent on the bed and dropping his buttocks … the result is pain again … now he has no appetite once in a while. What should I do … Thank you doctor

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hello debby, thank you for your question to

falls are very common in people with dementia and can lead to broken bones. It's likely that your in-laws have broken backs after the heart. Management of this is as follows:

A person who has a broken backbone needs to get an evaluation of whether the fracture was caused by osteoporosis or something else (infection, for example by TB bacteria, or malignancy). Other causes of bone abnormalities also need to be known, for example kidney failure (the kidneys play an important role in regulating calcium and phosphate), disorders of the parathyroid hormone (a hormone that regulates calcium and phosphate in the body). Thus, management will be more directed.

The treatment of the fracture itself consists of

control pain. physiotherapy, including the use of back surgery
in mild pain, paracetamol or ibuprofen can help. miacalcic or calcitonin is proven to help reduce pain and is given as an injection for 2-4 weeks. when the pain is excessive, opioid drugs are generally needed. Then, when a person cannot tolerate pain and physiotherapy, surgery needs to be considered. The main goal of surgery is to reduce pain, thereby improving quality of life.

Low appetite is also common in people with dementia. Some of the causes of low appetite include

worsening of dementia disruption of the process of chewing and swallowing, this can be caused by muscle, nerve, or dental disorders infection side effects of the drug
To deal with this problem, an in-depth evaluation by a doctor needs to be done through interviews, physical examinations, and support. Infections need to be removed, drugs (including herbs, herbal teas, etc.) must be known and evaluated because they might cause a decrease in appetite. The process of chewing must be considered, and the teeth also need to be examined. A basic blood test can help determine whether there is an infection process or electrolyte disturbances that aggravate eating disorders.

After evaluating above, more targeted management can be carried out. For example, if electrolyte disturbances are proven to occur, they must be corrected immediately.

Things you can do at home, among others

Make sure the environment of your home area is safe. Use carpets and bedding in the bathroom to prevent your in-laws from slipping ,. Make sure the bed has a bed divider. Make sure your house is also bright at night, this helps to prevent confusion in people with dementia. If possible, make sure your in-laws remain active. exercise has been shown to slow the process of dementia and reduce pain in vertebral fractures over the long term. of course this must be done with strict supervision Try changing the texture of the food to be smoother and easier to chew. Provide vitamin supplements, especially vitamin E with the appropriate dosage

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