Broken Body “?

, around my armpits it looks like it’s cracked “, even though I’m not too fat. The more I push up the more skin breaks. Please give me a way to remove it and why it happened

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Cracked skin can be caused for many reasons. From the situation you are experiencing, cracked skin may occur due to stretching of the skin.

Stretching skin is quite common, for example in people who often do sports such as lifting weights or push ups. when push ups, the skin in the chest area will stretch and this can cause the skin to break apart over time. But it is not dangerous.

In addition, various other factors can also cause skin to break, such as:

Genetic weight loss Dehydration / lack of fluids in psoriasis dry skin If your skin has a lot of cracks, then you should check with a skin specialist first so that the doctor can check your condition directly, and later the doctor can provide you with appropriate therapy. right for you.

there are some tips that you can do such as:

avoid direct sun exposure on your body, use an umbrella when walking in hot places use a skin moisturizer Use a moisturizing product made from ingredients that contain petrolatum or petroleum jelly. Just drink water. Wipe your body dry after doing sports, and take a shower with warm water. healthy, like fruit, vegetables do not smoke following articles you can read about dry skin care

may be useful. thank you

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