Broken Bone Marrow Bone Leg Surgery?

Illustration of Broken Bone Marrow Bone Leg Surgery?
Illustration: Broken Bone Marrow Bone Leg Surgery?

At noon, my hip fracture was almost 1 year old. My first surgery grafted the bone marrow of my lower leg and put on my thigh side by side with the pen. After 6 months, I allowed the doctor to walk without a cane, my foot was a bit painful when walking like someone pierced my thighs. After X-rays, my bone marrow stabbed into the other bg. So the doctor decided to replace the joint surgery. It turned out that after my groin surgery grew and I didn’t replace the joint, only my bone marrow pierced into pieces because it was too long. Finally, now I have allowed the doctor to walk. I am now a little hesitant and afraid to learn to walk, my question is, is it normal to have a little pain to walk? and if for example the second operation fails, can my bone marrow be pulled out because my groin has grown? That’s all that is my question. Thank you doctor 😍

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A history of fractures and bone grafts is a condition performed by a bone surgeon if a risk of fracture is found in a part that can lead to suboptimal bone growth or cause suboptimal healing. This bone graft action is also called bone graft. In general, indications of bone graft actions can be:

1. done for complex or multilevel fractures that are at risk of experiencing minimal healing or the failure of bone grafting when the initial action is taken

2. help two sides of the bone heal between joint diseases that occur, often done on the spine

3. to help bone regeneration, against the loss of bone lost due to disease, trauma, or infection

4. to help healing around the implant material that is installed as in the replacement joints, installation of metal plates

therefore, the possibility of bone graft done in this case, aims to regenerate bone and / or help the recovery of bone around the implant installed by your doctor. And this of course can experience complications or side effects in the recovery that you live such as:

1. pain

2. swelling

3. nerve system related injuries

4. rejection reaction

5. inflammation

6. The bone that is grafted absorbs

So that after surgery, the possibility of bone graft growth can injure the surrounding tissue and cause pain and can also experience differences in bone length to the other side of being healthy. It is still possible to grow a more viable bone graft, but if it has been corrected by your doctor, the possibility of re-elongation is smaller. Meanwhile, if your groin has grown, in general, the doctor's plan is going well, and the possibility of taking a bone graft is usually not done, because the grafted bone has undergone recovery and healing, except if it causes damage to the surrounding tissue or injures the nerves around it, so the corrective action likely to do.

However, to find out the risk of complications that may occur, and all that you worry about, you should discuss directly with your doctor. This is necessary because your doctor better understands the condition of your bones after trauma and know the process of recovering your bones after surgery. Physical examination and supporting examination (radiology) can be planned to find out your recovery process and the doctor can plan treatments that you can do next.

Henceforth, you should not be afraid or worried about the possibility of pain that still occurs, but you still need to be sure of your doctor's recommendations and the recovery process that you have lived. So you should practice walking according to doctor's instructions to adjust to your motion function after the last surgery. If needed, medical rehabiliatsi can be planned to help your recovery. And tell your doctor the significant complaints you feel, so that the doctor can evaluate the condition of your bones and motion functions.

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