Broken Clavicula?

Illustration of Broken Clavicula?
Illustration: Broken Clavicula?

Hello, nOn May 27, 2018 I had an accident and was operated on on May 29 2018, nBut from the results of the operation after 2 months on the x-ray, it turned out that the pen was loose and the position of the bones shifted. the bones can still reconnect?

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Hello Dolli,

Broken bones need to be treated by an orthopedic doctor so they can connect properly. In general, when surgery is done, the broken bone will be fixed using a pen to keep the bone straight and healing well.

In some rare cases, the pen can come off / slide and cause healing of the bone that is not straight. This condition can be affected by re-injury at the same place, the less stable fixation device, the duration between the fracture and treatment, the condition of the tissue around the fracture, and the activities performed.

In your case, have you brought the X-rays to the orthopedist? I suggest that you return to control with an orthopedic doctor so that further evaluation can be done and the doctor can provide treatment options that are right for you according to the results of the examination.

The treatment given will depend on your general condition, the condition of the bone and tissue around the bone where the pen is placed, whether there is infection, and the stability of the pen.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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