Broken Collarbone?

Illustration of Broken Collarbone?
Illustration: Broken Collarbone?

I have had a broken collarbone for almost two months now in the process of healing, but I am experiencing a lot of symptoms at this time including: n1. shortness of breath n2. legs often feel cold n3. anxiety often occurs n4. dizziness n5. pain head nWhat caused it all please help?

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Hi M. Ansar .. Thank you for the question given.

A fracture in the collarbone can occur as a result of falling, being crushed, or from falling and resting on a hand. In the treatment of collarbone fractures, surgery is not necessary. Surgery is performed when the injury is severe and hits the tissue around the fracture. However, if the fracture is minor then use a brace and reduce the amount of excessive movement so the bone can heal on its own. And doctors can provide pain medication during the recovery process.

Meanwhile, the complaints that you are currently feeling can result from:

psychic anxiety after experiencing trauma

Anemia / lack of red blood cells
Low blood pressure

To find out the cause of your complaint, further examination is needed. It is better if you see a doctor so that the doctor can do a physical examination directly and can be followed by a blood check or X-ray to support the diagnosis. In addition, you should also see the surgeon who handles your collarbone fracture. So that it can be evaluated the extent of your bone healing process. In the meantime, what you can do: eat nutritious food, meet your daily water needs, get enough rest.

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