Broken Left Wrist And Hand Become Smaller?

Illustration of Broken Left Wrist And Hand Become Smaller?
Illustration: Broken Left Wrist And Hand Become Smaller?

Good night, I have experienced a broken left wrist in middle school … and at that time the gibs were installed … and after the gibs were removed … my hands shrunk until now I was in high school … what should I do so that my hands return to the same size?

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Hello Alfiansyah,

Fractures of the wrist can occur by various trauma mechanisms such as falls and hand rests, hard impact, or due to sharp trauma. Fractures that occur can vary, ranging from just cracking, breaking but not experiencing a shift, fracture and shift occurs, or broken into splinters.

Symptoms of a wrist fracture are as follows:

Pain in the wrist
Deformity / deformity of the wrist (for example, looks bent like a swan's neck)
Swelling around the wrist
Hands can not be moved or pins and needles

Broken wrists need to get an examination by a doctor such as X-ray examination to see the shape of fractures and bone shift or MRI to see the condition of soft tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that may experience injury due to bone fracture or trauma mechanism.

The steps to treat a wrist fracture depend on the type of bone fracture and its severity. Fractures that are not too severe can use a cast / splint so that the position of the bone does not move so that bone grafting can occur naturally. In fractures that have shifted, repositioning needs to be done so that the two ends of the bones meet again and their position is appropriate (not bent). Usually added by fixing a metal plate that is fixed to the bone so that the bone's position does not change again and good bone grafting can occur.

Complications that can result from a broken wrist include:

Chronic pain
Stiffness or paralysis of the fingers or hands, especially if there is damage to the tendons or nerves in the wrist area
Damage to heavy blood vessels, causing tissue in the hands and fingers to be damaged resulting in necrosis (tissue death)

Muscular atrophy because the area is not used and moved for a long time, so the arms appear small. Differences in arm size can also arise if there is tissue loss during trauma (open).

For atrophic conditions in the hand or forearm, additional therapy can be done through physiotherapy or certain sports to train the muscles of the area and obtain additional muscle mass so that the size is symmetrical with the other side of the arm. Please consult further with an orthopedic specialist or medical rehabilitation doctor to obtain appropriate therapy for the condition of atrophy of the hands after the fracture of the hand. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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