Broken Tailbone?

Illustration of Broken Tailbone?
Illustration: Broken Tailbone?

hello …. can tailbone disease be cured? nI ever fell sitting on the porch? and after x-rays with the doctor? it turns out that my tailbone is broken … the shift in the word? and the doctor said it was okay? can you heal by yourself? whereas if I want to sit and sleep on my back it hurts too? And again I am a factory worker? if my tailbone is healed? can work hard? like lifting things for example ?? n nyang I’m worried right? Will my tailbone be in position as long as it is? or can you come back again? nAnd again I was asked to swim? can it heal? by swimming? n yesterday morning I consulted the doctor again? is my complaint still the same? still sick if you want to sit together for a long time ?? nd the doctor said just inject it? and I don’t want the injection? so just given the medicine by the doctor? nwhat should I do dock? let me get well soon?

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Hello Tika

A fractured and displaced tailbone can heal if the condition is mild enough, so it does not require special measures such as surgery for example.

To be able to find out whether or not someone who has had a fracture of the tailbone needs to be done again by the doctor and also do another X-ray to provide a clearer picture of your condition.

Those who have this history as much as possible avoid lifting heavy objects, because of the risk of increasing emphasis on the injured part, especially if it has not been confirmed whether it has recovered completely or not.

Swimming is expected to stretch all parts of the bone, where the tailbone is usually stressed when sitting, standing, or sleeping. So that when swimming the emphasis can be reduced. However, there is no guarantee that swimming will cure the condition, swimming is only limited to helping.

The most appropriate step for a coccyx fracture depends on the severity of the condition you are experiencing, so you should consult an orthopedic specialist (orthopedic surgeon), so that a careful evaluation of your health condition can be carried out. If the condition is mild, usually by limiting physical activity and administering drugs can help the healing process, but if the evaluation results show that the condition is severe enough then action is needed to reposition the broken or displaced bone and then fix it (lock in that position, so as not to shift back).

As for some tips that you can try to reduce the pain that arises, try not to sit for long, especially if the seat is hard. So use soft pads so that the tailbone does not undergo a large emphasis. You can also apply ice to the affected area or a cloth soaked in ice water for 20 minutes.

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