Broken Teeth And Pulp Polyps What Should Be Operated On?

Illustration of Broken Teeth And Pulp Polyps What Should Be Operated On?
Illustration: Broken Teeth And Pulp Polyps What Should Be Operated On?

Hello good morning, doctor. I want to ask, my gums have holes I have checked with the doctor, the doctor said my teeth have pulp polyps and need surgery. I didn’t have surgery, and now I have broken teeth and stuck to polyps. What to do?

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Hello Sulistiyawati,

Thank you for asking

Cavities can cause chronic gum inflammation in them to form polyps, or more accurately called pulp polyps. Frequently, these pulp polyps are not dangerous. However, if swollen, pulp polyps can cause sufferers to feel pain, bleed easily, to interfere with the process of eating and talking. Not only that, cavities if not handled properly, can also be the focus of spreading dangerous infections, both limited to the area of ​​the teeth and mouth, and which can spread to other distant organs (such as the heart or brain). Therefore, you should not underestimate this condition.

Need to be clarified first, which of your teeth are exactly which cavities? Are there any other complaints that you have experienced?

Often, the pulp polyp will collapse automatically after the hole in the tooth is handled properly. However, if the size is large enough, then it may be necessary to take other, more invasive measures, such as surgery. This operation will often be combined with other dental treatments, such as root canal treatment, dental fillings, or even extraction and implantation of dentures to fill the gums that are empty after the teeth have been extracted.

Regarding your condition, you should check your complaint directly to the nearest dentist. It is feared, tooth fractures that stick to the polyp can trigger bleeding or secondary infection in the polyp which makes your complaint more difficult to handle. You can reduce the discomfort you experience with the following suggestions:

Diligently brush your teeth, rinse with salt solution afterwards
Do not poke holes in teeth, for example with a toothpick tool
Do not revoke or withdraw the polyps that appear
Not always consume foods that are too hard, too cold, too hot, especially those that contain lots of sugar
Do not smoke

Hope this helps ...

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