Broken Thumb Nail?

Illustration of Broken Thumb Nail?
Illustration: Broken Thumb Nail?

I cracked my toenail about 2 years ago I worked looking for grass for goats, I think there is a disease, right?

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Hello Suryati, thank you for asking.

Cracked nails can occur due to injury or due to an interruption. For example, chronic infection of the nails, causing nails to become brittle and difficult to heal. Infection can occur due to bacteria or fungi. Infection mainly occurs in people who are often exposed to the humid and wet atmosphere. In addition, it is possible for nails to become brittle and not easily heal due to lack of certain minerals.

Given the events that have long and until now have not healed, you should consult with your doctor directly. The doctor will assess the condition of your nails and do nail cleaning if necessary. Therapy and actions will be adjusted to the findings of a doctor's physical examination. If it is still possible to treat, then the doctor will give oral medication or topical. If it is difficult to cure, the doctor may recommend that the nails be removed, thus giving the new nails a chance to grow well.

You should maintain nail cleanliness at all times. Make sure the nails are not damp and always wet. Use leg cover if you want to do work related to the humid and wet atmosphere.

Hopefully this answer is helpful. Regards.

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