Illustration of Bronchitis
Illustration: Bronchitis

Hello doctor, I’m 22-year-old Ninda want to ask about my bronchitis. I was diagnosed with bronchitis doc and lately I cough at least once a day. When I cough I take drugs from doctors in the form of 4 mg salbutamol, cetirizine, and ambroxol. After I drank it slowly the cough and shortness of breath disappeared. I want to ask whether I can take the medication every day and continuously dock? Because if I don’t drink it, my throat feels very sore and sore, my chest is tight, and my cough doesn’t stop dock. Thank you very much in advance doctor. May doctors and families be healthy always ❤.

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Hello Ninda, thank you for asking at

I will try to help explain.

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi (respiratory tract that leads to the lungs) that can be caused by bacteria or viruses, exposure to foreign objects (such as dust, smoke) continuously.

Symptoms experienced include:

Cough (can be phlegm or not for 2-3 weeks)
Phlegm can be clear, white, or greenish yellow
Fever (generally mild)
Severe or uncomfortable chest feeling.
Out of breath

To diagnose bronchitis requires a physical examination and additional laboratory tests, such as blood tests, or chest X-rays.

The use of drugs must be by prescription or with the knowledge of the doctor, taking drugs without advice so doctors are not recommended. If the drug is given according to doctor's instructions, then the drug can be continued. But consuming it without the knowledge of the doctor, and on his own initiative it is not recommended, so if it hasn't happened, you can visit the doctor beforehand who handles you.

Things to do at home:

Avoid irritants (smoke, dust, pollution)
Regular exercise
Avoid spicy foods
Avoid cold drinks, cigarettes and alcohol
Increase the consumption of water

Hope this helps, thank you.

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