Bronchitis And HIV?

Illustration of Bronchitis And HIV?
Illustration: Bronchitis And HIV?

honestly I just did a VCT test and reactive results. At first I had sore throat and was accompanied by coughing and mucus and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. However, after being given antibiotics, everything was cured but now the nose is still clogged and there is sometimes runny nose. Since I was a child, I had bronchitis, maybe because of exposure to cigarette smoke. n nWell after my VCT test with reactive results, I consulted the doctor but the doctor asked for a lung X-ray test. So the results of the pulmonary x-ray turned out to be bronchitis. So after I read the article, there is a possibility that the vct result could be false positve. He said the VCT test was the one with antibodies, but it could be that apart from HIV infection, there are also those that give positive results if there is exposure to other viral infections. So after I checked cd4, my cd4 value dropped by 232. nMy question n1. Is it possible that my VCT result is false postive? This means that what is detected is exposure to antibodies to other viral infections that cause bronchitis. n2. Is the low CD4 value definitely caused by HIV infection alone? n3. Is treatment for bronchitis complicated and takes a long time? n nThank you

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HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. HIV is caused due to a viral infection that attacks the immune system, making it easier for someone to catch a disease. Have you ever done risky actions such as casual sex, using a syringe together?

VCT stands for voluntary, counseling, testing. VCT is used for HIV testing with awareness or on request independently of the patient. The VCT examination is a counseling examination and a test for HIV antibodies is carried out. The test can be carried out by various methods, each method actually has a fairly high level of sensitivity and accuracy.

From the circumstances you are experiencing, if your HIV test is positive then it may be a false positive (false positive) for example due to inappropriate sampling techniques, the presence of certain autoimmune diseases, or because of other infections in the body. However, this is unlikely.

Once positive, a CD4 test will usually be performed. Normal CD4 ranges from 500-1500. If your CD4 count drops to 232 then it is probably because of HIV.

Bronchitis does not cause or does not affect the HIV antibody test.

Bronchitis treatment may take a while, depending on the severity of your disease.

So it is recommended that you consult directly with a specialist in internal medicine, so that the doctor can examine your physical condition directly, and later can provide the right path of therapy.

Here's an article you can read about HIV diagnosis

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