Illustration of Bronchitis
Illustration: Bronchitis

good afternoon doctor I want to ask what foods can be consumed. bronchitis sufferers so as not to continue to bleed from the mouth when coughing.

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A good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition of a bloody cough is a sign of damage to the blood vessels around the respiratory tract where this can occur when there is respiratory disease and usually leads to serious symptoms. Some of the possible causes are

Tuberculosis infection
Infection by a virus
Lung tissue damage in the form of bronchiectasis
Tumors in the respiratory tract or lung

If you experience this, it's better to see a doctor, especially if accompanied by symptoms such as

Night sweats
Weight loss
Blood on Baba or BAK
Lots of blood around> 1 glass mineral water

This must be known with the right cause so that the treatment is right in accordance with the cause and some things that should be done are

Avoid using blood thinners first
Cough not too hard
Inadequate body fluid needs

Thus information may be useful

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