Brown, Fat Lumps On The Inside Of The Lower Eyelid?

Illustration of Brown, Fat Lumps On The Inside Of The Lower Eyelid?
Illustration: Brown, Fat Lumps On The Inside Of The Lower Eyelid?


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The appearance of a mass resembling a lump of brown fat on the inside of the lower eyelid can be due to a reasonable variation, but it can also be dangerous. Need to clarify first, how big is the exact size of the mass? Does it make you feel itchy, sore, or other complaints in your eyes? Do your eyes become watery, red, secrete excessively, or have difficulty opening your eyes? So, has the mass continued to grow until now?

In some people, as part of the anatomical variation from birth, lumps often appear on the body, including on the inside of the eyelids. This condition is usually harmless as long as the size is not enlarged and does not interfere with the function of the organs concerned. However, if you find a mass that is quite disturbing, let alone appear accompanied by other complaints as mentioned above, we recommend that you check it directly to a doctor or ophthalmologist. Although it is not always dangerous, by checking with your doctor early, of course, your condition can be treated earlier too.

Here are some of the possibilities that can cause a mass like yours:

Skin tags (excessive skin growth due to repeated friction or irritation)

Kalazion (Meibom's gland cyst)

Hordeolum (inflammation of the eyelid glands)

Pinguecula (overgrowth of the conjunctiva forms a lump resembling a pimple, manifested due to exposure to UV rays or dry air)
Other infections, eg preseptal cellulitis, folliculitis, warts
Benign or malignant tumors, for example fibroma, sarcomas, and so on

Often times, your doctor can easily detect the trigger of your complaint with a simple physical exam. However, if necessary, the doctor may also recommend that you undergo a biopsy examination. That way, the doctor can give you the right treatment according to the cause of your complaint.

In the meantime, you can first do the following:

Not gouging out or over-manipulating the masses that appear
Protect your eyes so that foreign objects can irritate your eyes
Do not stare directly into the sun with the naked eye
Nor can you touch your eyes with dirty hands or nails
Do not use drugs carelessly to treat an emerging mass without a doctor's recommendation

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